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What Is and What Can Be: Women of Color and the Struggle for Justice in Cincinnati

Women of color provide important leadership in the city of Cincinnati, working in all sectors and volunteering their time for a better Cincinnati. Yet, as a group, they also face a multitude of challenges, including an alarmingly high poverty rate, elevated rates of health problems, and other inequities. Drawing on community-partnered research coordinated by The Cincinnati Project at the University of Cincinnati, this exhibition centers the voices and experiences of women of color in Cincinnati, sharing their visions of and hopes for the future.


October 5, 2017
My Love for Me

Our present human experience is such that we are both more connected and more disjointed than at any other point in our collective past. While we have access to more people than ever, the response of many is to retreat inwardly to sacred spaces that offer the sheltered comfort of isolation. In that sense, individualism as an idea has become a sanctuary from an overbearing, socially networked world.

"My Love for Me" is an exhibition of 8 2D artists from around the globe whose work teases out the ironic nature of living in this current historical moment.

Featured Artists

Anton Jeludkov | Kelsey Elder | Satoru Nihei | Harry Sanchez Jr.


April 2, 2016

Untethered features Detroit contemporary artist and metalsmith, Tiff Massey. Influenced by Detroit's history of ostentatious fashion, Tiff Massey’s work examines how symbols of wealth in the regalia of the African diaspora affect the wearer’s behavior and attitude. Massey looks to elicit an experience whereupon the viewer may encounter an object and engage in thoughts and/or acts of vanity.


About the Artist

Currently a Kresge Fellow, Massey is a graduate of Cranbrook Academy of Art. Her work has been exhibited in South Africa, Belgium and the Netherlands. Much of the selected body of work comes to Cincinnati via Massey’s most recent exhibition at the prestigious Lille 3000 Festival in Lille, France.

More of her work can be seen at


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